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Success Stories


We adopted Franklin in January 2014. I originally saw his picture on Petfinder and something just told me he was the right dog for our family. My husband, my pug Rocky, and I met Franklin at the adoption stand in Richmond, and we fell in love with him right away.

Franklin has so much personality. He makes us laugh every day. He is a gentle soul who just loves to be loved and wanted. He loves his naps, his cuddle time and riding in the car. Believe it or not, Franklin loves to go to the vet’s office. Every time we go, he sits in the middle of the waiting room floor and barks until every technician comes out and makes a fuss over him.

Adopting Franklin was definitely the right choice for us!

--Anonymous adopter


Annie Bess

Our Annie Bess came to C.A.R.E from a high-kill animal facility in West Virginia. She was on a euthanasia list until the compassionate people at C.A.R.E rescued her. From our first meeting with her, we knew we had found the perfect dog for our family. She brings such joy to our household!

She is loving, silly, loyal, and usually obedient. Although she has anxiety issues probably stemming from a difficult early life, we feel fortunate to be able to help her overcome these issues by providing the best care we can.

C.A.R.E’s high standards in re-homing dogs is one example of how much they value the dogs they rescue. We don’t know much about the early life of Annie Bess, but we do know she was loved, valued and received excellent care while at C.A.R.E. We will always be grateful to the wonderful volunteers of C.A.R.E for allowing us to adopt our Annie Bess.

--Sharon, adopter



PeeWee came into my life when I first saw her picture on Petfinder in late May 2012 and became part of my family on June 15, 2012. Those first three months afterwards as she was adjusting were exhausting! It was fast and furious to both her and me.

I took PeeWee to the vet in the second month, and she had several teeth removed to fix her bite. Several challenges faced PeeWee as she continued adjusting to her new home. As the end of the third month was closing in, I became frustrated with PeeWee's transition. My boyfriend encouraged me to consider what she has been through before C.A.R.E rescued her and to give her time. Everyone adjusts at their own pace.

Almost overnight, PeeWee began to relax and let us connect. She is quite a barker, a great guard dog both day and night. She sleeps right next to me in bed! When I go on vacation, my dog walker takes both my hound dog and PeeWee to her home where PeeWee engages with her pack of dog pals. And let no squirrel or chipmunk venture into my yard--PeeWee chases them down and out of the yard. We have come so far from our beginning and have a true family!

--Lee, adopter



I’d been volunteering for C.A.R.E for only a short time and had no plans to foster, but then I saw a picture of this teeny, 2-pound Chihuahua. Vicki was pleading for a foster because there’d been a parvo outbreak at the kennel, and she couldn’t take her there. I wasn’t a Chihuahua person AT ALL, but something about that little face...


The ladies in Dr. Ware’s office could tell right off the bat how smitten my husband was. He was swearing up and down that we weren’t going to keep her, but they were taking bets on how long it would be before the adoption was final! I knew we were in trouble when it was time for her spay surgery. Both of us had tears in our eyes when Vicki and Dan drove off with our Lulabelle (formerly Trixie). She’s now the queen in our house.


She is definitely my husband’s dog. To hear this grumpy, grouchy, crotchety man cooing, talking baby talk, and carrying this little dog everywhere is hilarious! She eats her breakfast in the middle of our bed and her dinner in his lap every day. She’s SO spoiled, but she’s OUR spoiled girl, and we wouldn’t have it any other way because we love her to death. Thank you C.A.R.E!


--Bev, adopter and volunteer



It was my lucky day when I went in to Petco and met my soon to be "baby" for the first time! I had a completely wonderful experience adopting Oliver from C.A.R.E. It is evident that every volunteer truly cares about the dogs and is committed to finding them the best possible home.

I cannot imagine my life without Oliver as he brings me so much happiness! It has been amazing to watch Oliver grow over the past year. I love following C.A.R.E's work and seeing all of the great things they do for the dogs that come into their rescue. The best decision of my life was the day I decided to adopt!

--Katie, adopter



I found C.A.R.E through a listing on Petfinder. At the adoption stand at Petco, we introduced our existing dog, Mimi, to the five small dogs on our list. They were not quite right for her, but then we saw Charlotte sitting quietly in her crate. We walked Charlotte and Mimi together, and they seemed like a perfect fit.


When Charlotte arrived, she didn't want to get out of her crate. We brought Mimi out to greet her, and Charlotte came out and was ready to play. They have been best friends ever since. Everyone who adopts needs to give their new pet enough time to get used to their new home. Always remember - exercise, obedience, and love. This makes for a happy puppy and a happy owner.


Vicki Powell and the people at C.A.R.E are angels. They work tirelessly to re-home all rescued dogs, and some of the situations the dogs come from are quite challenging. I recommend CARE to anyone looking for a new dog.


--Vicki, adopter



Merlin, formerly Kirby, was adopted in early 2015. He bonded to me within a week and now greets me like I have been gone for a year whenever I am away from him for more than an hour.

He loves to fetch, and catching a ball in mid-air is his favorite thing. He brings my shoes to me in the morning, and loves to tease by playing keep away with the dishtowel. Our next-door neighbor’s puppy comes over every day, and the two of them play for hours on end. He and our pet Cockatoo get along well, too.

It was a complete change for us to switch to a Terrier breed, but we haven’t regretted it for a moment. He is fun loving, affectionate, intelligent, and thoroughly charming. He is our second rescue dog, and I will say that rescue dogs make the best pets. Find a way to open your home to the right rescue dog, and you will know the contentment a loving pet can bring.

--Melanie, adopter



I live in Hampton Roads, and I reached out to C.A.R.E to discuss how I could meet Ranger before coming to Richmond for the adoption stand. I talked to Vicki Powell at length about his skin irritations, dry eye syndrome and partial vision loss. She arranged for me to meet a volunteer traveling to the area the next day. I fell in love and brought him home soon afterwards!


He settled in with us extremely quickly and has been the perfect addition to my family. He and my twelve-year-old Shih Tzu, Buddy, get along well. Ranger also gets along with the children wonderfully. He even joined Buddy and my three birds on a visit to a preschool for a Pet Day presentation. His skin irritations and dry eyes improved, as well!


Throughout it all, the volunteers at C.A.R.E were helpful and willing to help with the transition. In the conversations I have had with several of the volunteers, I have come to believe that they are truly doing this to help the dogs. They want nothing more than to find happy homes for the dogs they rescue.


--Shannon, adopter



I saw Garrett and Barrett online and just had to see them in person. I contacted Vicki, who set up a meeting for me to get acquainted with the puppies. They were adorable, lively, and full of joy. I selected Garrett as my new companion.

Vicki kept me informed during the adoption process. She explained things about the process that I never knew, and it all made sense. Before I knew it, I was approved and ready to set the pick up date.

Garrett, who is now known as Gambit, is a character and my best friend. Gambit is loyal, loving and my mini shadow. He's alert, smart, and has a lot of good energy. I wouldn't change a thing. He's a lot of fun and comforting. When I'm feeling down or tired, he picks up on it and cheers me up. His personality is unique, and he loves everyone he meets. After looking and searching for months, he was the right choice!!!!

--Kathy, adopter



I fell in love with Gracie's sweet face the first time I saw her, and I could not wait to meet her. Upon meeting, I knew she was meant to be mine. My husband, however, was a little nervous about having a "special needs" dog. Gracie had a shattered leg when C.A.R.E rescued her, and the leg had to be amputated.

He quickly realized, though, that someone forgot to tell Gracie that she is "special needs". On our vet's recommendation, we took her on frequent walks to build up the muscles that support her joints. Now, she is a favorite in our neighborhood, as everyone adores the smiling, three-legged dog who so clearly loves life. Next up for Gracie: agility training. Who says you need four legs to do agility???

I will be forever grateful to C.A.R.E for seeing the love in this sweet girl's face, and for giving me the chance to adopt her.

--Kendra, adopter



C.A.R.E gave us the greatest gift by saving Rico (formerly Chauncey) from a high-kill shelter in West Virginia. The moment I met him, I knew he was meant to be a member of our family. He has brought us nothing but joy.


He is quite the quirky little guy, from his underbite, to sitting on windowsills like a cat, to burrowing himself into any blanket (or clothing) he can find. He is constantly making us laugh and I can't believe we ever lived without him.


If not for C.A.R.E, we wouldn't have met our doggie-soulmate. The work they do is unmatched! We are so thankful for C.A.R.E giving us the opportunity to welcome home the newest (and furriest) member of our family.


--Priya, adopter



We adopted Tiffany from a C.A.R.E event at Petco. I originally went there to meet another dog, but as I walked through the plethora of dogs available for adoption, Tiffany caught my eye. I walked over to her, and right away she came to the crate door to be petted!


I knew she was the perfect one for us. My husband said he has never had a small dog to sit with him and watch TV. Boy, has that changed! She is a very important part of our life: our camping companion, our boating companion, and our other dog Max's best friend.


--Renee, adopter

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