The Adoption Process

EVERY adoption starts with a visit to an adoption stand.  We are a 100% volunteer group and without a public shelter.  A calendar of adoption stands is on the home page of this web site.  Applications are NOT available online, and will only be offered to you after you have met the dog(s) you are interested in adopting.  We do NOT pre-approve adopters and we do NOT keep adoption applications on file.  Our rescue believes that an adoption should only be considered when a connection has been made between a potential adopter and a specific dog.

Applications are offered to potential adopters who meet our requirements for adoption (see Adoption Policies).  We prefer our potential adopters to complete applications at the stand and leave them with the adoption coordinator as our process begins immediately following the close of the stand each week.

The first step of consideration begins with veterinary reference checks.  Veterinarians help us to establish that potential adopters are responsible pet owners.  We ask all potential adopters to contact their veterinary offices ahead of our call to let the office staff know they are applying to adopt a dog, and to give permission for the staff to share information.  If we are unable to collect appropriate information, or if the veterinary office shares information that does not align with our adoption requirements, we may disqualify the application at this point.

Applicants with good veterinary references are contacted to schedule a home visit.  This visit allows our rescue the opportunity to establish that the potential home is a safe place for the dog, and it allows adopters the opportunity to see the dog in their home.  Many adoptions take place at the conclusion of the home visit.

Our goal is to complete adoptions within the week of the adoption stand.  We do not hold dogs for adopters.  Rescue space is very important to dogs in shelters at risk of euthanasia.  We encourage people not to adopt just before a vacation or major life change.  Please be mindful of your new pet’s need to establish its home and comfort with you.

Our full adoption policies are available here.

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